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             When we first started, in the spring of 2002, we had to start from scratches, just  like when building a new house, laying the foundations and step by step building the “house”.  The first two years were not only the most difficult but also they were decisive for the soundness of our company.   But the time and efforts we have invested in our venture proved to be successful: we had the proof that DONUM PC was a firmly established presence on the market!     The name of the company was inspired by the Latin ‚  donum’   meaning gift while  PC is the acronym of Personal Computer. These two words not only designate but also stand for values of our company: endeavour, dedication and professionalism in our ambition to offer in our field of business -computer components and accessories- what is best and most reliable to our old and new customers.     Although we began by selling a variety of items specific to this domain, in time we have enlarged our business by offering professional advice and repair and maintenance services.  We are constantly preoccupied with keeping up with the amazing progress in this business so that we could offer to our clients not only the most recent solutions but also the best available on the market.  We are open to your remarks and suggestions, aware that this is the only way to improve our services                                                                                  Honoured by your confidence in us, we are committed to meet and exceed your expectations.
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